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We're experienced, local franchise experts, consultants & brokers that help match you to the perfect business opportunity to meet your goals.

What We Do

From providing you with options that fit your goals to negotiating on your behalf, we help ensure you are successful in starting your own business.

How We Do It

We put in the time and resources to make sure you make the right decision and maximize your odds of success in your new business.


Start Your Very Own

We only work with extensively vetted franchise organizations to ensure their business models and mitigate risk for our clients. Our portfolio of franchise organizations includes over 150 brands, spanning 40 business types across various industries.

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Our Process

Initial Consultation

Call or fill out a form and a local consultant will reach out to schedule a Discovery Meeting in order to better understand your goals, interests and timelime.

Personality Assessment

In order to better match you with an ideal franchise organization, we send you a free 20 minute personality assessment for you to take and submit. Following this assessment, we will set up a call to review the franchise opportunities that may work best given your management style, lifestyle desires and financial goals.

Financial Review

Once your Discovery Meeting and Personality Assessment are complete and we discuss your local franchise opportunities, we will review your current financial position, liquidity and financing options to assess your options and mitigate risk.

Franchise Introductions

Once we establish your ideal franchise opportunities and understand your financial investment range, we set up franchise introduction calls for you to learn more about each organization. Each week, we will discuss your thoughts, questions and concerns for each opportunity.

Franchise Validation

Once you've learned more about each franchise opportunity that you are interested in, you will be able to speak with active franchisee's in their respective organizations in order to validate the business, support, and success of each.

Discovery Day

Prior to making a formal commitment to a franchise opportunity, you will attend a Discovery Day, usually on-site at the corporate headquarters of the specific franchise you're interested in. This Discovery Day is a great opportunity for you to meet the top management team, see their operational facility and learn more about the day-to-day life of owning a business under their brand.

Initial Consultation
Personality Assessment
Financial Review
Franchise Introductions
Franchise Validation
Discovery Day

Did We Mention?

FranNet Consulting Services are 100% Free For Our Clients

We Work To Find You The Perfect Franchise Business,
Free of Charge.

As a Fortune 5000 organization, FranNet's reputation for quality consulting services, integrity, and risk reduction were established out of our dedication to you, the client. Our job is to ensure you find the right business that maximizes your odds of success and happiness and allows you to meet your lifestyle, career and financial goals. Our income is derived from brokering the final purchase of the franchise and is paid for by the franchise organization you choose to partner with.


More About FranNet

FranNet provides education and support to individuals who are interested in exploring self employment as a career option through franchised business ownership. After all, franchising is more than just food and retail stores. Our role is to provide education on the franchise industry and help people find the right business for them and their goals. Our services are 100% free.

A FranNet consultant is a local, franchise expert to advise you on franchise and business opportunities. Within our group, we have past and present franchisors, franchise executives, franchisees, regional and area developers, and other business professionals.

A FranNet consultant is your one-stop shop for all franchise information and services. We help you by providing assorted research and information that will help you investigate different franchises to start your own business.
We can introduce you to many different franchisors, so rather than having to go from place to place to learn about specific businesses, you can learn the basics about several options all in one spot!

FranNet helps save you money in several ways: by educating you about franchising; by helping you research your business; by identifying the right structure and strategic mix of the businesses you are interested in; and by introducing you to the franchisors that fit your model. Instead of going from place to place, you can get all of this information in one place. This saves you time and money.

We’ll encourage you to thoroughly research any franchise that you are investigating, and we’ll even help you find franchise attorneys and other advisors so you can gain more information before you buy.
We believe that the more you know, the better the odds are that the choice you make will be a good one. As a result, we stress that you spend the necessary time to research before you buy. Once you’ve bought the business, it’s too late to change your mind.

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